Doing Business in Kansas

Doing Business in Kansas

Our primary areas of focus are economic impacts, education, and job creation in and around KC area.

Dello Eco

Who We Are

Della Eco Industrial was created in the state of Kansas in 2008, With the actual launch date of business activities in 2010. This time allowed our company to secure strategic business alliances. These alliances allowed association with state wide agencies, political figures, and potential customers. Dello Eco Industrial is proud to be minority owned. Delbert Selectman is CEO and the Project Manager for all projects. Our customers range from general contractors, municipalities, and residential prospects. Dello Eco’s suppliers are national and local requiring it to provide financial stability to bond, and/or insure its┬ácustomer base. We pride ourselves with providing a customized deliverance of excellence with spirit and intent to our customers.


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Building a better community

Requires a better collaboration of political and municipality relationships. When working together these relationships have a positive impact.

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